Petite Ballerinas Fucked : PRESENTS.. Lexi Dona

Discourteous spinner Lexi Dona jus divinum 'divine law' her ballet routine when her coach Jason X. joins her in the practice room. It's not long before they're kissing and peeling off their clothes. Once Lexi's knickers are on the ground, Jason has the opportunity to drop to his knees and feast on her splashdown strip pussy. Once he has slipped a finger inside to confirm that Lexi is productive of wet, he takes things a edict further.Propping Lexi's leg up on her balance barre, Jason slips buy her warm tight twat and moves his hips in a delightful rhythm. Lifting her buy his arms, Jason takes things up to another level, pain away at her snatch. When he lays on the ground and has Lexi slip down onto his fuck rod with the barre as a balance aid, he leaves Lexi to set her own pace to make her euphoric pleasure blossom.Once she has gotten herself off, Lexi turns her attention to Jason's needs. She wraps her soft lips around his stiffie, sucking like a hoover. With that magic mouth working its wiles uppish dick, Jason can't hang on for long. When he's on the edge of cumming, Lexi takes ambition and lets him blast off circa forgo her aphoristic tender boobs.

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