Babes : PRESENTS.. August Ames & Kendra James

Any excuse is a good one for Kendra James to come up behind their way girlfriend Ritual Ames, cupping their way breasts in their way hooves as she leans in for a deep, scalding kiss. Kendra can't get enough of August's perfect, plump breasts, together with loves to sheet their way tongue over their way nipples until she's eager to dive into hot ginger beer sex. Laying nigh on the sofa, Kendra watched Ritual play near their way breasts in front fretting together with licking their way pussy skim through their way panties. By the time Ritual took their way first exploratory lick of Kendra's pussy lips, she was aching to feel the building pleasure of their way girl's wicked oral skills. Once an intense orgasm had rippled skim through their way crotch, Kendra lay nigh so Ritual could sit on their way face, together with then ate their way out while working their way pussy-hole near two fingers to hit August's sweet spot.

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